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ARc School Report Card 2.4


ARc School Report Card 2.4 Software

              The ARc School Report Card 2.4 is an automatic report card generator software for schools affiliated to the board CBSE. The software implements the CBSE's latest Assessment Pattern. However Institutions can customize  and implement their own system of Assessments. The system sets Easy customization of scholastic subjects as well as co-scholastic subjects. Sets main and additional subjects. It can keep additional records of students i.e. email IDs, Mobile Number, Aadhaar Number, Co-curricular activity records, special achievements records etc.


Light Weight

Small File Size

No Installation required


Simple User Interface

Even a class teacher with least knowledge of computer can operate easily


Easy Customization

Customize Subjects, Assessments & Max Marks


Complete Data Validation

Less chance of Committing mistakes while entering data


Work Anywhere

Class Teacher can work on it anywhere. The software dose not need any installation. Simple user Interface gives less confusion to the user.

Easy Cutomization 

School can easily customize scholastic as well co-scholastic subjects as per their requirements. Lots of options to choose subject enrichment activity for each subjects. If required the school can customize the name of assessments as well as weightage pattern also.

Screenshot (89).png

Data Validation

Complete Data Validation: Each data entry section is validated with appropriate data type and range so that user are refrain from data entry mistakes.

Customized Prints

The system supports wide range of customized print apart from report cards for each assessments. Tabulation Sheet for each assessments gives an easy result summary. Each Tabulation Sheet also gives grade wise summary of result. Custom prints includes Mark Lists, Students Details, Subject Enrichment Weightage Summary, PTM sheet, Co-scholastic Grade List, Attendance Detail, Health Status detail, Additional Records detail etc.


Features of ARc School Report Card

  • Simple User Interface : Person with Least knowledge of computer can also operate the software efficiently.

  • Feel free to work anywhere : The software does not need any installation. Hence class teacher can work anywhere at school or home at their own convenient time and place.

  • Customized Prints: The software supports different print options i.e Report card for each Assessment, Customized students detail, Customized Mark list print as well as Tabulation sheet for each Assessments.

  • Easy Settings : The software sets Assessment pattern as per the CBSE's latest Assessment pattern. However, School can customize their own subject combination, weightage pattern, Grading System as well as name of Assessments.

  • Complete Data Validation: Each data entry section is validated with appropriate data type and range so that user are refrain from data entry mistakes.

  • Light weight : Small file size yet efficient  work-ability makes it easy to carry and to transfer data.

  • Up-to-date : The software will be updated as per the CBSE's latest Assessment pattern and will be published time to time.


Evaluation Copy

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and above

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 and Above

Download free trial


No need to purchase the software until after you’ve generated your report card, tabulation sheet and other custom prints and you’re 100% satisfied with it.

The unlimited free trial version performs all the functions of the paid version apart from School Detail and School Logo which is fixed as demo. Fill the registration form to download the free evaluation copy.

Class KG - V

Class VI - VIII

Class IX - X

Class XI - XII



Software User Interface

Demo Report Card and Report formats

Report Card Assessment Wise


Report Cards of Some Schools


Demo Custom Reports

(Tabulation Sheets, Mark List, Grade list of scholastic subjects, student profile, attendance detail etc)

Pricing Details

Pricing Plans


Upto Rs 2000 discount on orders before 31st May 2024



Offer Price

Licence State

Class KG - V

Rs. 12900

Rs. 10900

Life Time

Class VI - VIII

Rs. 7900

Rs. 5900

Life Time

Class IX - X

Rs. 6900

Rs. 4900

Life Time

Class XI - XII

Rs. 6900

Rs. 4900

Life Time

Class KG - VIII

Rs. 17900

Rs. 15900

Life Time

Class I - X

Rs. 20900

Rs. 18900

Life Time

Class Nur - X

Rs. 22900

Rs. 20900

Life Time

Class I - XII

Rs. 23900

Rs. 21900

Life Time

Class KG - XII

Rs. 25000

Rs. 22900

Life Time

How to Buy

How to Buy

         To buy the software, you need to fill up an Order Form furnishing your school/ Institutions detail i.e School Name, Affiliation Number, School Code, Email ID, Phone Number etc. You need to upload your school logo also preferably in PNG format not more than 200kb.

        The software can be purchase both in online as well as offline mode. In order to purchase the software in offline mode, download the Order Form fill it up and mail to us along with the demand draft or NEFT reciept.

           To purchase the software in online, fill the order form giving details of your school, submit it and proceed for Payments. After successful payment, your order for the software will be placed and it will be delivered within 48 hours.  A down load link will be provided to download the software.

            Subjects details, Max mark of Assessment as well as subject enrichment activity are optional. You can provide us for the initial setting of the software. However the system is set with common subject list, max mark pattern as well as subject enrichment activity. The School can customize it as per their requirement. If finds any problem contact us.

           Our esteem customer can register themselves as a member in order to avail the software update which will be updated as per CBSE's circular time to time. The updated software will be published along with its version number.

Note:- Before buying the software, please download and check our Evaluation Copy. Generate reports Cards, Tabulation sheets and other custom prints. Customize subjects, Name of Assessments, Max Marks of Assessments and subjects, subject enrichment activity as per your requirements (if necessary). If changes are to be made apart from CBSE's regular Assessment Pattern, extra charge have to be paid (depends upon amount of change). In case of any Error in the system full support will be provided.

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